My very last blog post

                                So it is the end, the end of the pitches, the end of the group projects, the end of the blogs, the end of the course! This is really harmful, because I started to feel that I finally got used to what we were supposed to do in class, what we should search, and how to work. This course really helped me in a lot of things, and most importantly, it helped me be creative, solve problems and be confident. I will always remember “Go for quantity, not quantity, think of crazy ideas, even imaginary”.

                              What scared me the most at the beginning of this course is that I thought that we will have to do a lot of works that will be complicated and I thought that will have a problem with my English, because I used to be in a french school, but by practice I started to get used to what we were supposed to do. One of the first group projects was Food Waste, which was really interesting to think how everyone waste their food in anything. I really enjoyed the design thinking process, where we had to find creative solutions in Egypt to decrease food waste. What was really new for me was to do a pitch, in school I used to do a lot of presentation, but to explain a subject in just 3 minutes was different, but was really useful to get exactly to the point.

                               This course exposed us to different topics and different materials that were all useful. Food waste, Educational games: those two topics helped us to get new ideas a get more creative and solve problems. I was always curious to know what will achieve in each final project and to compare our ideas at the beginning of the project and at the end.

                                 Now after being a creative learner, I’m really thankful for taking such course, and to have such good new friends with awesome instructors.

                                                                     THANK YOU!


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