first interview

-What is your name?

-Sherine Shatta.

-And what was your major?

-My major was business administration and my concentration was on entrepreneurship.

-Does any member of your family work in the same field?

-Yes, my dad works in a textile industry, he has a retail chain of textile and fabrics and I work with him in the company and I have my own brand.

-Tell us about your business and what do u offer?

-My business is like a daughter company underneath my dad’s company, we sell home furnishing products that are all fabraculated canvas, ready made curtains and all that.

-How the idea came to your mind? and what inspires you?

-It came to my mind the first year of university where I had a lot of free time after university so I decided to go to work and learn from all the departments around and then I wanted to do something that had my essence in it so i started my own brand, it is called Sherry’s. I am partenning up with my dad. I buy the textile from him and I have my own factory which helps to finishing products and selling it back to him to resell in his own store.

-What inspires you?

-Success inspires me, I wish that Sherry’s could be a big empire one day that becomes a multinational company

-How do you see yourself in 10 years?

-Investors, chairholder in my dad’s company,CEO of my company and something to do with higher education like minister or something like this that will be related to the business field

-What are some challenges you face in your work field?

-Competition, rising as a startup and costs. They all hold very big challenges for me, especially cost because in the textile industry there are a wide range of competitors that sell with extremely low prices, so I have to compete with these prices while still offering very good quality. So balancing quality and cost is my biggest challenge.

-Tell us more about your weaknesses and some strength.

-My personality or company?

-No personality.

-For weaknesses, I lose faith very easily, when I lose hope. And sometimes I act subconsciously that I know it all and i don’t like other people correcting me, even though deep down I know that I do in the end listen to their advice. For strength, I’m very dedicated and motivated. I have extremely good time management and I like to inspire others.

-And in your work?

-My weaknesses in my work, is that it is still considered as a startup.

-What are the challenges that you face?

-I face managerial weakness, because I don’t have elected managers, I do have staff that work exclusively for Sherry’s, but I don’t have higher managerial people who direct other staff. Also producing mass production because we still have a small industry so hopefully in the future I will have a bigger industry to produce more of economy of scale.

For the strength, i have a very good support system which is my father’s company, so it helps me financially and consultancy, because all people that work in Shatta, serve as consultant to Sherry’s staff. So I have financial support and consultant support.

-Do you ever think about changing your business to another field?

-if I were to ever change careers, I guess I would go the easy way around and pursue a photography career, but as the future holds I’m not sure where I can go with a photography career especially here in egypt because it is also very competitive and if I want to pursue a photography career I don’t want to be just regional, I want to be international, so I am still not sure how i can do that, but I hope doing it alongside with my business

-You said that you started your business as a freshman, how did it affect your studies?

-I guess it only started affecting my studies in my third year of university, but usually I prioritize my studies over work because I assign people at work to take care of the environment when I am not around and It is their complete responsibility to make sure that everything goes as planned when I am not around and It has been extremely beneficial to work and study in the same time, because I get to perform everything I learn theoretically into the workplace and implement it as I have learned, or even I don’t have to confirm about all the theoretical theories because I get to experience in real world and its reality

-Who’s your role model?

-My dad

-After learning so much at a young age, what will you teach your kids the most?

-I will teach them to persevere for success not matter how much it takes and to always prioritize success over everything, because in the end, successful people are the mostly respected people in the society and the more success you can achieve so many things and I think success leads to happiness and leads to have a good character and leads to be well-known in your field if you’re a successful person.



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