Cairo Jazz Festival

           On the 13th of October, the American University in Cairo was celebrating a decade for Cairo Jazz Club. This event gathered different bands from all over the world, with the same taste in music.

        Four days full of music, from different bands and different countries. This event showed how music can unite people from different cultures and different ethnicity. People are gathered from different nationalities, no one speak the same language, but they all love jazz music and appreciate art.

            The day started off with the amazing saxophone player Youssef Fawzi and then the Okabe Family from Japan and many other bands. Each band represented jazz the way they perceive it, either it is a band from Japan or a band from Poland, but each one hand their own style. Also, each band focused on one instrument while playing music. The band from japan focused on the saxophone, which was their main instrument while David Helbock Random Control, from Austria, focused on the piano.

          CJF took place in at AUC New Campus in Tagamoa in different venues and auditoriums inside AUC. The aim of this event to create a multi-day event for everyone to enjoy music, jazz, culture and socialize in a fun atmosphere and encourage Egyptian musicians to produce more Jazz and present their works internationally.  Their mission is to spread jazz culture and music, supporting music education, nonprofit educational services. CJF presented this year a special line-up of the best of International and national jazz, with Top European singers such as Dan Barta, Rita Maria, Ezter Vaczi and world famous Pianists such as David Helbock and Aki Rissanen.

        Cairo Jazz Festival (CJF) is an international that aims to widespread mission of jazz to reach more people and give more exposure to both acts & audience. Cairo International Jazz festival celebrates its 10th anniversary this year in an extra-ordinarily 4-day course festival from 11-14 October 2018 gathering a line-up of 20 bands from 14 countries.


In addition, the bands were not just playing music, but also singing. Each band was singing with their own national language. Also, the guests who attended the performances, were not just Egyptians, there were many foreigners who came to attend the shows.  Another African band had a performance where they were singing in Arabic and another African language. Each band was unique and could perform differently than the other while always playing Jazz music.


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