Entrepreneurship is an important topic of interest that youth heavily invest their time in. Many fresh graduates focus on starting their own businesses and be professional at it.  They usually start with an idea and start building it up until they form a small startup. Sooner or later they start competing with others in similar work fields.

               Entrepreneurship is the process of designing, launching and running a new business, which is often initially a small business. Many fresh graduates start this job and each one concentrate in a specific field that they want to pursue, some start advertising agencies, some start food agencies, online shopping or even textile agencies. On the other hand, many focus their job on social media, as it is a crucial tool, nowadays, to market jobs and projects, it is easier, accessible and less expensive.

           One of the examples of young entrepreneurs is Sherine Shatta. Shatta is the founder of Sherry’s, it is a well established start-up that has been going for four years. She is a very good example for young graduates who want to pursue their own business. Sherine was a student at the American University in Cairo and started her own startup when she was a freshman. Sherine said that her work is “like a daughter company underneath my dad’s company, we sell home furnishing products that are all fabric-based canvases, ready-made curtains and all that.”

                Shatta is facing many challenges in her work field, as she is trying to get the best quality products while competing with other businesses that are selling with lower prices, “competition, and rising as a startup and costs, they all hold very big challenges for me, especially cost because in the textile industry there are a wide range of competitors that sell with extremely low prices, so I have to compete with these prices while still offering very good quality, so balancing quality and cost is my biggest challenge.”

           In addition, one of the challenges she faced during her studies was to focus between her studies and work, but she always took care of her studies and prioritized it as she implemented what she learns in university at work, and sometimes what she learns in her work field helps her studies. Furthermore, she assigned people to work, while she was studying and she gave them the full responsibility to do the exact work, as it should be.

                One thing that is very special about young entrepreneurs is the fact that they are very ambitious, especially if their business is successful, they always plan on how to further expand and grow within the market place. Taking Sherine as an example, she wants her start-up to strongly develop, “an investor, chair holder in my dad’s company, CEO of my company and something to do with higher education like a minister.”

                 Sherine Shatta is a great example to follow, encouraging fresh graduates to take the right opportunity and never doubt their potential. Opportunities come and go, however one should be determined and never miss the chance to grow and further develop.


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