2 days of SU and U

The AUC Student Union has organized it’s yearly SU packs event on Sunday,18th of November, giving away products they see beneficial for the students.

This year, the event’s purpose was to focus more on the student’s personality rather than just giving away a unified selection of products. Therefore, the Student Union has collaborated with the major associations to create a more special event so that the students can feel a sense of belonging.

Moreover, they also chose a theme that would attract everyone’s attention. This year’s theme was Arabic popular movie quotes, which everyone calls “Afashat aflam”. Their main slogan was “we are one family” from a well-known Egyptian movie called “El Basha Telmiz”. Not only is it funny to think of, but the meaning behind it, which is that all students at AUC are more than just colleagues, sticks to the minds of students.c7f56835-2e43-4f87-8699-11add7d6ddea.jpg

The event was divided into two days. The first day was for all Business, Psychology and Accounting majors. They would go to their association’s booth and fill out a form containing several questions. Based on the students’ answers the association would therefore customize a special pack for them to receive later this week. “The students will come to a major festival, receive their packs with no idea what’s inside only to find out that they are important at this university, and someone really understands them” said Hana Shiraz, Vice president of the Business Association.48f81921-e3d6-4dfc-9f29-ef80ddad1a00

What was eye catching though, is that the turnout for the Business Association booth was much higher than those of the Psychology and Accounting booths. One of the Psychology Association presidents clarified that the number of students majoring in Business is much higher than their major but the problem was the marketing of the event. She added that the business association did a much better job in making its students want to participate.

The Student Union made sure that the event was well marketed and had a cheerful vibe. There were bands playing music, bracelets being distributed and various people from the organization team that would just walk up to students in order to have a delightful chat and see what they think about the event.  

Other clubs, such as Musicana club, took the opportunity of people attending the event and being present in the Plaza, to market their own event with a little musical performance of a song from the movie “The Greatest Showman”.87ab58c6-8d7a-4e7e-8abe-ce1859ac2d55

Unfortunately, all good things are interrupted. A huge fight between the Black and Blue political camps occurred during the event causing a huge change of the vibe instantly. The fight got bigger in a matter of seconds, leading for a huddle up in the middle of the university. Everyone was so intense, and people were backing off, afraid they’d get hit by someone. The campus’ security members were able to stop the fight a few minutes later, without anyone getting hurt. However, the heat of the fight was still present.

Despite the interruptions, everyone was able to go back to the event, making it one of the most successful SU events of all the past years. The first day was a huge success and the Head of the Organization committee assured everyone that the second day would be even more exciting and withholds various surprises, with the sponsoring of Redbull.


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