Special needs children’s education in Egypt

Education is the cornerstone of our community and is vital to its development and progress. It completely changes our mind and personality and helps us attain positive attitudes. The problem with the education system in Egypt is that there is a huge gap in the education quality between social classes. Nonetheless, children that attend public … More Special needs children’s education in Egypt

2 days of SU and U

The AUC Student Union has organized it’s yearly SU packs event on Sunday,18th of November, giving away products they see beneficial for the students. This year, the event’s purpose was to focus more on the student’s personality rather than just giving away a unified selection of products. Therefore, the Student Union has collaborated with the … More 2 days of SU and U

The Effect of Images: Pixlr Activity

https://edition.cnn.com/2018/11/14/world/super-earth-discovery-barnards-star/index.html The original image found in the article shows the artist’s impression of the surface of Barnard ‘s star b, but by editing the image, it was transformed into engaging everyone to travel and explore the world. Anyone can transform the meaning of a certain image just by editing it, the original meaning was related … More The Effect of Images: Pixlr Activity

Cairo Jazz Festival

           On the 13th of October, the American University in Cairo was celebrating a decade for Cairo Jazz Club. This event gathered different bands from all over the world, with the same taste in music.         Four days full of music, from different bands and different countries. This … More Cairo Jazz Festival

first interview

-What is your name? -Sherine Shatta. -And what was your major? -My major was business administration and my concentration was on entrepreneurship. -Does any member of your family work in the same field? -Yes, my dad works in a textile industry, he has a retail chain of textile and fabrics and I work with him … More first interview

Education at AUC

Technology is a crucial tool nowadays. We are living in the 21st century, where people cannot live without media. For that reason, the American University in Cairo is presenting an exclusive education about media. It is considered one of the best educations in Egypt and the most prestigious as students learn a very high qualified … More Education at AUC